5 Common Call Centre Job Interview Questions

Appearing for a job interview requires good preparation. The right answers to the questions asked in the interview can certainly make sure that you are selected. Over the years, it has been seen that based on the type of job that you apply for, there are some questions that are asked to each and every candidate. Various career counsellors and former recruits guide the fresh candidates to prepare good answers for some of the questions that are likely to be repeated in every interview.

You might be attending a domestic call centre interview for jobs like Vodafone careers or an international call centre interview for jobs like Dell careers. Irrespective of the kind of call centre, you must get prepared for the below questions to get an edge over the other candidates.

  1. Tell Me about Yourself

This is usually the first question that is asked in almost all the interviews. As it seems to be a pretty simple and straightforward question, most of the candidates often overlook preparing a good answer. Whatever answer you give to this question, it is used by the interviewer to get a glimpse and comprehend the type of personality that you have.

  1. What Is Your Idea about a Call Centre?

This question is mainly asked to make sure if you are aware of what you are getting into for work. If you don’t know, then it clearly shows that you are not serious about the job, but if you give a convincing answer, then we can certainly say that you are inclined to work in the call centre.

  1. Why Do You Want To Work in a Call Centre?

This question is used to know the objective a person has for joining a call centre. The organization will not select all those candidates who are there for the interview just because of some compulsion. Instead, they will employ those people who want to work in the call centre out of their own interest.

  1. What Are the Qualifications That You Possess for Working in a Call Centre?

This question is asked by the interviewer to know the type of skills that you have, which you think are desirable for a worker who works in a call centre.  You must make sure to list all your positive skills to the interviewer and justify each one of them.

  1. Why Do You Want to Work in This Call Centre?

This is an important question. Let’s say you are attending an interview for Vodafone careers. You must research about Vodafone before you apply there. This is another factor that helps the company to determine your serious attitude towards the job.