Author: Satria Ahong

5 Common Call Centre Job Interview Questions

Appearing for a job interview requires good preparation. The right answers to the questions asked in the interview can certainly make sure that you are selected. Over the years, it has been seen that based on the type of job that you apply for, there are some questions that are asked to each and every candidate. Various career counsellors and former recruits guide the fresh candidates to prepare good answers for some of the questions that are likely to be repeated in every interview.

You might be attending a domestic call centre interview for jobs like Vodafone careers or an international call centre interview for jobs like Dell careers. Irrespective of the kind of call centre, you must get prepared for the below questions to get an edge over the other candidates.

  1. Tell Me about Yourself

This is usually the first question that is asked in almost all the interviews. …

What Makes an Executive in Today’s Business World

Gone are the days of working for a single company for your entire career. In the past that kind of loyalty was finally rewarded with a C-suite position shortly before retirement. But the process has changed and spending your entire career with one employer is likely to get you labeled as an underachiever and relegated to some lowly desk in the basement. To reach the C level today you need to be willing to go out and seek knowledge, experience and training wherever you can get it and be willing to continue your education while still working full time. You can go online for more information and quickly learn about the opportunities for an MBA.

Communication skills and the ability to motivate those around you are critical to being a good manager and leader. The higher you climb in a company the less hands on you will be. Your job …