Most Wanted Job & Skill At The End Of 2016

At the end of 2016, there are some jobs that specialy trending. But this job is not usual jobs but jobs that require high skill. What profession is a trend at the end of 2016? Let’s look at the following article or click here to get the complete details.

  • Finance Manager for Finance Annual Report

The financial manager is a manager of the company responsible for making key decisions on investment and financing decisions, financial managers will be directly involved in planning and controlling the use of funds. And his job is to create a good finance report at the end of this year.

Finance Manager

  • Network System Security

End of year is a full of horrible security attack. A professional ethical hacker or a good skilled Network System Security advisor will be enough to pass this December 2016.

Network Security

  • Clown For The Show

Clown is an entertainer who daub their faces with thick powder and strangely dressed and fluent demonstrate funny faces. Profession clown is actually quite old. That said, since ancient Greece and ancient Rome. They not only make the rich laugh that stress through the show. But also entertain and make a living on the streets or are known by the term street artist. With the ability to mime the silly slap stik movements , maybe they’re one of the oldest street hawkers in the world of entertainment.

Funny Clown

Later, the term clown itself widened to everywhere. Almost all anglers comedian and laughter, now also often referred to as a clown. Even serious people who are often said to behave silly clown. As a term, the clown has expanded meaning. Historically, clown refers to a person with a cute makeup (sometimes mimic a comic character), makeup and colorful costumes unique, has demonstrated the ability to mimic funny and silly movements, without the slightest removing words. This is what distinguishes it from conventional comedian.

Clown is a service profession entertain others with various characters and funny behavior, diverse expressions will be played by the clown both sad expression, silly, happy, laughing, crying and even mocked. People who can behave like this is called a clown. In contrast to the clown costume he is a manifestation and development of a professional clown. Everything is good behavior or character of a dress, shirt or a complete costume is designed to resemble a clown (with a distended abdomen) it is called a clown costume.