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Increase the Effectiveness of Your Accounts Payable by External Audits It is a matter of fact that companies that excel have a tendency to develop in complexity with time, leading to additional exposure to accounting mistakes. With that said, it’s also true that every business welcomes any discussion that borders on the likelihood of increasing revenue and efficiencies. With an external audit, you may improve the efficiency of your firm’s accounts payable with a view to recovering up to billions of lost money, leading to enhanced profitability. An accounts payable audit enables the tracking of payment duplicating, over payments, accrual oversights, and under payment, making it feasible to recover money lost through the mistakes. In addition to helping find lost funds, the audit also causes improved efficiencies, which are also important for a better bottom line. An external APA helps educate internal accounting departments on ways to boost processes and business practices. This is a comprehensive scrutiny that involves raising issues that have not been addressed before and offering correct responses. For example the scrutiny may seek to find out why an over payment was made, why it wasn’t detected by internal systems, and what can be done to correct the practices that led to the error. Also, it’ll be possible to find out if the staff at the accounting department requires improvements. Addressing those issues and executing improvement initiatives are the first important measures toward increasing APA efficiencies.
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There are several issues that a recovery audit can reveal that may have caused (or can cause) payment errors. A common issue in most large companies (particularly businesses with over $1 billion in sales) is large transaction figures. Even what may seem as a tiny oversight rate may lead to a possible deficit in the bottom line to the tune of hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. For other large businesses, defective payments may result from several factors–for instance, a recent merger or privatization may result in several financial systems that are not in synchrony with each other. What’s going on within such systems that allows payment errors may remain unknown until the entire system is audited.
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External APA professionals will look at your financial system and trace where duplicate payments and other payment errors are originating from. The professional will also provide recommendations for closing the internal accounting gaps that may cause the same problems in future. You can be guaranteed of value for money when you invite a professional APA firm since it will charge on a contingency basis, meaning that you’ll only pay after lost funds have been recovered. It is guaranteed that an external accounts payable audit will lead to lost funds recovery and enhanced quality of your internal audits.