Packaged Foods Like Never Before

Living a healthy lifestyle has been on the rise all over the world. More and more people are choosing to eat healthier foods and exercise on a daily basis. This is a great trend and will hopefully continue. However, people are busy on a daily basis. Sometimes, it is very hard to eat healthy meals because people simply do not have the time. Preparing processed foods and frozen meals tend to be a bit easier than cooking with fresh ingredients. Fortunately, there is a solution to that. There are food companies that are taking packaged foods and mixes to a whole new level. One such company is Hampton Creek.

This food company replaces the bad ingredients such as trans fats, dyes, artificial favors and other ingredients with plant based substitutions. For example, different varieties of peas are used in their mayonnaise product. From their mayonnaise product, they went on to develop other condiments such as chipotle, garlic and sriracha. Not only that, but there are cookie mixes that come in different flavors, mixes that include muffins, brownies, pancakes and cake. Dressings are also among the products. This includes mustard, French and Caesar.

The company is not stopping at the products listed above. Fortunately, more and more products are in the works. Hampton Creek wants to put out as many products as possible without compromising on the taste. Noodles, ice cream, dips, biscuits, crackers and pasta are a few products they hope to produce recipes for. If that is not enough, the company is also working on a product that can be compared to sugar. Learn more about Hampton Creek products and the different recipes and ways to use them in meals for you and your family.

Because the company is using a plant based substitute to replace many ingredients, many, if not all of the products, are gluten free, vegan and cholesterol free. For instance, because the cookie mixes do not include eggs, eating the cookie dough raw is completely acceptable, as so many people like doing! The Hampton Creek products can be found at many grocery stores nationwide. This food company is revolutionizing the world of packaged foods.