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Cash Rebates and Online Promo Codes

Everywhere you turn you cannot avoid coupon codes, online promo codes and cash rebate offers claiming to save you cash. Utilize these types of cash back offers, coupon codes and promo codes to become a more fiscal shopper.

What are online coupon and promo codes? Online coupon codes and promo codes are typically entered during the checkout process while shopping online and consist of a combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Discounts like these often times apply to the retail cost, shipping costs or sometimes both. Promotional offers like these allow online users the same type of benefits as typical paper coupons without all the time wasted clipping.

Cash rebates are similar to manufacturer coupons but often times require the consumer take a few extra steps to obtain the savings. There are different types of rebates, so read the fine print of each offer before making your purchase.
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Instant cash rebates were the first types of rebates. As you pay for your purchase, instant cash rebates are applied immediately. There is no form to fill out, no waiting period, just instant savings.
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Another type of rebate offered to consumers is referred to as mail-in cash rebates. Mail-in cash rebates will require that the purchaser pay full price for the item at the time of purchase and then later mail in a supplied claim form in request for the cash rebate. Sometimes a copy of the original receipt will be requested with the claim form as proof of purchase. After processing your claim the manufacturer will send your rebate to you by mail in either debit card or check form. Most mail-in rebates have deadlines, so pay close attention and always save copies of your claim in the event that you don’t receive your rebate in the time specified.

Some retailers may offer rebates exclusively through their website. Most of the time you will still have to pay full price at the time of purchase with online cash rebates, but instead of mailing in your claim, you will do it online. With your online cash rebate you can save time waiting on the mail and money on postage.

Always read the terms and conditions of any promotion or rebate to be certain you are eligible. It can be expected that retailers or manufacturers will require the consumer make a minimum purchase to be eligible for the rebate offered. If issued a debit card as payment for a rebate, always read the terms since some prepaid debit cards have hidden fees and expiration dates. You can save cash with everyday shopping by using online coupon codes, promo codes and cash rebates.